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In March of 2022, carriers started preventing spammers from taking advantage texting by having businesses verify the use cases they are texting for. 10DLC is meant to keep text messaging a quality channel you and your audience can interact through.

To comply, you need to register your organization (brand) and the use cases (campaigns). Otherwise your messages will begin to be filtered—and eventually not delivered to customers.

As part of your brand registration, you’ll include information about your business and audience. This gives carriers a way to verify your identifying information and confirm you are a legit business.

10DLC registration will give your messages higher throughput. This means more messages delivered faster and more volume. This is the carriers’ way of making sure SMS stays a healthy communication channel, as more and more businesses, like you, start texting your audience. Registering 10DLC numbers decreases spammers and increases deliverability, which gives your own messages more credibility with customers in the long run.

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