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Meet SEBIO 🤝

Sebio is a Sales & Marketing professional with over 15 years of experience, a very privileged father of 2 amazing young children, and a mediocre ukulele player.

He helps businesses increase the power of their data, build demand for content or services, and drive revenue or votes through proprietary technology and contact solutions.

Sebio has been actively involved with over 900 outreach projects in the past 5 years. He is constantly thinking outside the box, promoting change and seeing things from the clients perspective to find innovative solutions to outreach challenges.

Sebio is an avid biohacker (anti-aging) who has been able to achieve a biological age 7 years younger than his chronological age. This has helped tremendously in his everlasting quest for optimal health and personal growth and development. He is always willing to help anyone who is looking to level up their health game.

“There is a better version of yourself that you haven’t met yet….keep showing up every day until you’re introduced”

Some of his daily regiment includes a 45 minute morning routine consisting of mindfulness, breath work, journaling, and a series of “small wins” to start his day. He takes dieting and exercise very serious, and continues to implement strategies to trigger autophagy (the body’s process of reusing cells parts) and promote neurogenesis (process by which new neurons are formed in the brain).

In his free time Sebio enjoys being active, reading books, playing and watching sports, and traveling. However nothing compares to spending time with his 2 children. He can often be found at the local beaches, amusement parks, hiking trails or in a lazy river having fun with his kids.

Connect with Sebio on LinkedIN and he may just tell you some useless trivia you may find borderline entertaining.

how i can help your business

I LOVE to help growing businesses increase the power of their data, build demand for their services, and drive revenue or votes through our contact engagement tools.

If you need to grow revenues or drive votes, cut sales/marketing expenses, and maximize marketing ROI.. let’s talk and find out if there is a fit.

Audience Marketing

For over 15 years I have helped B2B Publishers grow their audiences through content marketing projects.

Top Publishers like Informa, Endeavor Business Media, and 1105 Media rely on me to ensure they have the best possible data to engage with their content.

Demand Generation

If you are looking for BANT leads that convert up to 20x ROI you found your guy!

I will help you find the right solution whether it’s a complementary piece to your MarTech stack or MQL,SQL, and HQL leads.

political outreach

Need Votes ? I can help you win !

My ability to leverage assets from two organizations gives you the outreach tools for success. If you are looking for phone contact solutions I’m your guy !

Chose between live agent outreach or peer to peer texting to help you drive votes.

what people say

Sebio is a unique individual. He is a combination of the raw entrepreneurial vision for new market penetration with the ability pull the pieces together operationally and at a leadership level.

Alan Lindquist

QR Rabbit

I feel so much better about meeting my objectives. As usual AMAZING work!

Desiree Torres

Informa Engage

His energy and enthusiasm for what he does is unmatched by other vendors I have worked with – he became an extension of our team.

Carmel McDonagh

Yes& Agency

hire me, I help growing businesses

If you need to grow or monetize your audience, enrich your data, drive votes or generate leads, connect with me now and let’s discuss if there is a fit.